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UpClose and Personal with Country Singer David Barker

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Entertainer David Barker

David has been playing his guitar and performing his shows now for over ten years. Starting out in 1991 David began singing while taking line dance lessons in Toledo, Ohio. Then in 1995 brought his talents out west enjoying both his music and the sunshine all year long!

One year later, David began performing for The Friends of Marty Robbins, Christmas Shows, The Fourth of July Show in Apache Junction and many more...

Making Someone happy with music is a gift that David truly enjoys. He can sure bring out the smiles when he performs.

Our Team!

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David Barker, Country Entertainer

David's Mission

David is committed to the highest quality shows, that makes everyone want to dance. With his two steppin' line dancin' swing, he can keep the feet a movin' and the hands a clappin'.

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